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Doing it with passion: All or nothing


Do it with passion or not at all, this phrase could have been written for me, I am an all or nothing person!

I have a problem with balance ( not according to Wii Fit, a seasonal passion, I have excellent balance! )
I do try, I honestly do try to put some balance into my life.

They say that if you recognise your problem, you are half way to solving, I'm half way there!


Apparently there is a fine line between having a hobby and insanity, when I become passionate about something, my family thinks me insane.

Sometimes, I drive them all insane along with me, it's a wonder that we have all not been on the psychiatrist's couch at some time or another.

Crazy Mother
Crazy Mother

The first passion that I can remember started when I learnt to read: at the age of four!

My infant school teacher told my parents that I had the reading ability of a seven year old.

All through my childhood I devoured books, I still do.

Oh the joy of a new set of Enid Blyton books, The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, I read them... passionately!

My reading can not really be classed as an "all or nothing" thing, it is on-going, it's just that nothing gets done while I am reading!


Reading can be dangerous.
I have set my kitchen alight three times, the last, very badly.

I read while waiting for things to cook or heat up...things like oil.
 Oh the initial whoosh when the pan catches fire, I know it well.

You would have thought that I had learnt from my mistake but no.
The third fire was so bad that MGG (My Greek God) banned me from frying and bought a deep fat fryer.

I developed my passion for poached eggs as a result of the frying ban.

Chip pan fire
Chip pan fire

I never have only one passion on the go, reading accompanies everything, so there are at least two.

When I signed up with a gym, I went everyday, for two hours, at least two hours, even at the weekends.Whatever happened, I had to be at the gym.

I bought all the gear.

After dropping the children at school, there I was killing myself on the treadmill.
It lasted for about five months.
This was twenty years ago, I haven't set foot in a gym since.

Excercise mad
Excercise mad

Smoking...I either smoke or I don't, there is no just cutting down, well, maybe in the winter.

I never smoke in the house, only outside.
So I do cut back a bit when it is too cold to stand around smoking.

I have stopped for three months at a time, six months, nine months, once I even did it for three years, how stupid of me to start again after that.

Each time I stop cold turkey, not even a secret puff.
When I start again, it's as if I never stopped...all or nothing.

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn

It's the same when dieting, I either starve or gorge.
This has actually stopped recently as my metabolism seems to have sorted it's self out.
I put this down to walking around five miles each day in the winter, walking to the beach and swimming in the summer.

 Wii Fit helped, given to me by my Daughter.
Yes, you guessed it, it became a passion!

If I knew that I had a busy day ahead, or if it was one of the days that I was looking after my granddaughter, I got up an hour earlier.
There I was at six in the morning jumping about on the Wii Fit!

Wii fit balance board
Wii fit

My figure was also helped along by the Greek financial crisis, we stopped buying junk food and such like.
Every cloud has a silver lining!
See a post about my thoughts on silver linings HERE

In fact we hardly ever buy stuff in the supermarket now, just cleaning products, shampoo , loo rolls etc.

We shop at the local green grocers and butchers.

Our Green grocer Niko has most thing, the best eggs, his homemade cheese, olives, nuts, his own olive oil, dried beans, name it, he has it!
And not forgetting of course his beautifully fresh fruit and veg, a lot of which he grows himself.

Green grocers
Green grocers

Niko and his produce

Other all or nothing areas are cleaning, gardening, Ebay and television series.

Apart from the day to day essentials, I allow housework to build up, I leave it for a couple of weeks and then wear myself out going non-stop from dawn until dusk.

I am trying to assign certain jobs to certain days to gain control over this.

With the garden it is the same, I let it become a jungle,  then have to spend hours at a time out there sorting it out.


I became an expert on Ebay, clicking my bid in the last five seconds, bargains galore.

Then I started selling on there.
My family lived in fear for their belongings!

I was looking all over the house for stuff to sell.
Towards the end of this mania my children were on the verge of locking up their rooms and taking the keys out with them!

It did de-clutter the house marvelously.
I have not been on Ebay for about two years now.

The easiness of downloading films and tv series caused another passion.
Can I watch just one or two episodes of a series at a time?


I watched the whole series of Broadchurch in one go, all through the night.
I hear there is to be another series, staring Charlotte Rampling, one of my idols.

These whole night sessions will no doubt be reoccurring.


Finally, my passion for the beach, like reading books, never leaves me.

It is on-going, sometimes, to the exclusion of everything else.

Balance, I must have more balance.
I am trying.

I have made small personal rules.

Bed before midnight, never switch on the computer until after lunch!

Just do it, no procrastination, iron the clothes on the same day that they are washed, exercise, swimming and walking...never miss doing it two days in a row.

 Switch off the computer,  now...not in an hour!

 I am very proud of myself, I have managed to more or less stick to my rules for a couple of years now.
The getting to bed before midnight is by far the hardest!

"There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable."

 Mark Twain


Thank you so much for reading my blog, I am always absolutely delighted to hear your thoughts, ideas or suggestions.
They make all my efforts worthwhile,.

Please do check back, after leaving a comment, as I make every effort to answer all your remarks promptly.

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