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All things Greek.Naturally!

"If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way."
Greece is way out in front with it's natural products, with so many resources, how could it not be?
  Golden-green olive oil, natural mineral water, sweet honey, mountain herbs, Pistachio nuts and mastic from Chios.
 The list goes on and on.
The town  where we live, Loutraki is  a spa town. .
It is famous for it's natural mineral water.
People come from far and wide to bathe and "take the waters"
Loutraki water is the only natural mineral water to be recognised by the EU.
Olive trees are everywhere but the best olive oil comes from Kalamata and Crete.
Most Greeks don't buy their oil from supermarkets, rather they buy it from friends and locals who have their own trees and produce their own oil.
The blue olive oil company donates $3, towards helping provide water for African countries, every time a bottle of their oil is sold.
The campaign is called "Oil for water"
100% Greek extra virgin olive oil from the Blue Olive Oil Company.
The house of Adamantina is a company in Laconia, Southern Peloponnese, created in 2007.
Their products, traditional Greek pasta, olive oil, biscuits and honey are all organic, made using the purest of ingredients and local fresh milk.
Pasta from the house of Adamantina
The company "Ooh my god" makes the most mouth watering gourmet pates, twelve different flavour, all inspired by the twelve ancient Greek Gods of Olympus.
Made with only authentic Greek ingredients.
All 12 gourmet pates:
Zeus / Quince with julep and cardamon
Artemis / Asparagus with grayere & estragon
Ares / Chalva with Bergamot
Athena / Green Olive with Thyme
Poseidon / smoked makarel with capers & olives
Hephaestus / Spicy red peppers with feta cheese
Hestia / Greek village salad
Dimitra / Yellow split peas with safron
Aphrodite / Apple, oat & mastic
Hera / Sundried tomatos pate
Hermes / baked beans with bayleafs & herbs
Apollon / Smoked eggplant with walnuts & parsley
If you are taking a trip to the Island of Santorini, check out the crazy donkey beer!
Made by The Santorini Brewing Company.
Take a trip around the brewery and taste crazy donkey, red donkey and yellow donkey India Pale Ale.

The Roots liqueur produce the most amazing traditional sweet liqueurs.
Rakomelo is an especially old style Greek favourite.
A mixture of raki and honey.

I love their web site, have a look here.
Ergon is a Greek Deli restaurant company.
They have restaurants in a many European countries, including London.
As well as being available to buy in their restaurants, the products can also be bought in Athens International Airport duty free shops.
Ergon taramasalata(fish roe)spread.
Check them out at the above link.
Mastic, a type of resin, comes from trees which grow only on the Island of Chios.
The resin seeps from the tree trunks in tear-like drops, mastic is therefore also called the tears of Chios.
When collected and dried it looks like
uncut diamonds!
Mastic is used for many, many things, beauty products, medicines, toothpaste, flavouring and the most well known chewing gum.

Mastic chewing gum

Melon and mastic marmalade from the company Navarino.
Read about mastic, above link, it is very interesting.
Just how cute are these?
Corfu pebbles
Sweets that look like pebbles!
The different flavours are named after Greek Islands.
Corfu is a whole kumquat fruit, covered in chocolate, finished with a thin layer of sugar.
Made by Hatziyannakis
See these at the above link.
Honey, one of Greece's most well known natural products.
There are hundreds of different types and makes but this one from Eulogia is one of the best.
This organic honey was selected as one of Oprah Winfrey's favourite things for 2013.
It is the only honey in Greece with a Protected Designation of Origin(PDO) distinction from the European Union, for it's authenticity and uniqueness.
Eulogia is a fairly new company, started in 2012.
The Greek word "Eulogia" means "blessed"
They used this name, because,  as they say:
"Specific geographic regions are “blessed” with natural attributes that allow them to cultivate superior quality products due to their climate, terrain, resources and overall natural placement in the world.
Some countries can produce the best coffee beans; others the best wine.
In Greece we are truly blessed to be able to produce the world’s best quality olive oil and honey."
Click HERE to buy some of these splendid Greek products.
They would make lovely gifts, something different instead of the usual box of chocolates or bottle of wine:
Give Greek!
What a wonderful variety of Greek natural products, this is just a sample, there is so much more!
Go on, live a little.
Go Greek!

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