Living the Greek life.

Greece:living in a ray of sunshine.

This week I was honoured to have been invited to write a guest blog by the lovely Simone from Retirement and Good Living.

See the site here

A most useful and interesting site, it will answer any questions that  you may have about absolutely anything concerning life after “a certain age”

From queries about receiving pensions, the best way to invest your hard-earned cash, the best health care, to recommending some beautiful locations where you may wish to spend your best years!

Retirement & Good Living's logo.

Legalities, practicalities, advice, it covers everything.

All in all a very helpful site, very enjoyable to read.

I for one will be an avid follower!

You can read my contribution to Retirement and Good Living, explaining why I love living the Greek life and why I think that you would too, at the link below.
Living the Greek life.

Thank you Simone.

Yia Sou!

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