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Mobile 'phone etiquette

Mobile manners
Mobile manners
People, lots of people , need to take mobile 'phone etiquette lessons.
When it comes to mobile 'phones; good manners and good old decent courtesy seem to go out the window.
I'm not going to start on about how face to face social skills have gone downhill, or what people are missing out on when walking around with their head down while texting, or about how this causes round shoulders.
This is their problem, they are missing out on life, they are going to become round-shouldered, not me.

life by text
Life by text
Mobile 'phones are here to stay, they will always be used, so use them with consideration for others!
Are smart 'phone owners so busy? Are they workaholics? Can they not turn off their 'phone or at least switch it to silent for an hour while socialising with friends?
In that hour is the world going to collapse around their ears?
They always have a lame excuse for why they just have to answer that one call.
Turn to silent
Turn to silent

Wherever we go, the supermarket, a walk in the park, on a bus, on a train; all we hear is the buzz buzz , dring dring of mobile 'phones and people bellowing down them at the top of their voice.
Don't you just sometimes want to do this?
By far the worst for me is when you have met up with friends, especially friends that you don't see often and the are forever checking their 'phone or answering it or worst of all actually making a call.
You have made arrangements to meet up, you know that on so and so day for an hour or two you are seeing your friends.
Turn your 'phone off!
Have you no manners?
There is actually now a word for this rudeness, it's called "Phubbing": 'phone snubbing.
It means people constantly checking E mails, text messages and replying to messages while ignoring the friend right in front of them.
Essentially they are saying to you: "This is more important to me right now than you are"
I have lost count of the times I have nearly got up and walked away when this has happened in front of me.
If I am meeting a friend, my 'phone goes on silent.
My Daughter is terrible for doing this , when out with her I have threatened so many times that I am going  to go home because of her constant 'phone checking.
At home I have had to ban 'phones from the table at meal times.
I'm sure she has an addiction to her 'phone and I'm not joking.
People become controlled by them, they take them to bed, they take them to the loo!
Prisoner's of the mobile 'phone!
I noticed that Debrett has a new edition out of their age old book: "Etiquette and Modern Manners"
In it there is a chapter on "Mobile  Manners"
A sign of the times!

Debrett's A-Z of Modern Manners
Debrett's A-Z of Modern Manners

I was very pleased to hear that a lot of restaurants, all over the World, are now asking people not to use mobile 'phones, they are asked not to have them on the table.
Good! If you have to use it; go outside!
To all the people who don't like this policy and threaten not to go in that restaurant again, well good because they and the clientele probably don't want you there if all you want to do is chatter on the phone.
As for people using 'phones in cinemas, theatres etc, don't get me started!
No 'phones allowed
No 'phones allowed
A great game I heard about to stop this use of 'phones in bars and restaurants is:
Everyone puts their 'phone in the centre of the table at the beginning of the evening, the first one to check or answer their 'phone pays the bill!
Phone stacking
'Phone stacking
I've noticed that a lot of  friends that I have had the conversation with about 'phone etiquette, agree with me but then do the exact same thing that they said they hated!
Do we lose all reason where mobile phones are concerned?
Just when I thought that I had seen it all concerning mobile 'phones, I read this:
Phone lanes China.
'Phone lanes.China
I have nothing to say about this, I'm speechless!
Before I finish here I want to tell you about my good friend H.
H has a mobile 'phone and uses it often
I have never seen H use it in front of me or while out in company but the thing I really love about H is:
 Say today, Wednesday, we arrange to meet at eleven am next Wednesday, barring an earth-moving incident or illness, H will not ring me again about our arrangements, not even the night before to check on details,.
I know 100% that H will be there.
This is how things were done before we were all slaves to the mobile 'phone, we arranged things, we were organised.
In another conversation I had with someone who was trying to convince me on the absolute need for mobile 'phones, they said to me:
"yes, but if you are meeting someone and you are going to be late, you can ring them to tell them"
Well my answer to that is:
"If you didn't have a mobile 'phone, you would make sure that you weren't late"
And that is a whole other "etiquette" thing, punctuality!
Do people not think it rude to be unpunctual?

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