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Silver linings

There's silver lining to everything; you just need to look for it.

Sometimes, a silver lining may not become apparent immediately: months or even years later something can happen that makes us think back to an occurrence, which, at the time was unwanted or that we classed as an obstacle and say:

 “Well that was a blessing in disguise”

I love to spend summer evenings in our garden with friends and family; I have my “summer garden” music, usually chill out, CafĂ© del Mar, Buddha bar or on line radio. I came across two great stations this summer:

 The Paris cafe section of Jazz radio, is exceptionally good, you can imagine that you are in Paris!

Cafe Del Mar vol 5

To cope with cold drinks, beer, wine and so on we have a second fridge in the garage, the fridge in the kitchen just can’t hold all our summer booze, especially if we have bought the dreaded water melon, always the size of a football!

See why I say “dreaded water melon” here

Drinks have to be accompanied by food don’t they?

 Some evenings we had Greek mezedes, a mixture of salami, cheese, olives, anything goes for mezedes!

Other nights I would make pizza; these were a great favourite, so much so, that I was making enormous square ones in oven trays.

Evening eating in the garden.

Then there were the Yia Yia’s pitas, they started off as just pitas but after I became a Grandmother some bright spark renamed them Grandmother’s pitas.

These came about after a client at the hotel where my daughter-in-law works, gave her some pita breads, a sort of flat round, Arabic bread.

Lots of them, in packs of about ten, we had to think what to do with them all, and here is what I did.

 I grilled them on both sides, rubbed a raw garlic clove over them, covered them with finely chopped tomatoes, plenty of salt and freshly ground pepper, threw a few chunks of feta cheese, a handful of Kalamata olives, fresh basil, then drizzled olive oil over the top and put them back under the grill for about ten minutes or until the cheese melted.

pita with tomato,feta and olives

They were delicious and so quick and easy to make, they went down a treat.
NB. If you don't grill them on both sides first, before adding any topping, they turn out very soggy.

Don’t forget the ice cream, litres of it, usually topped with some syrup or other and we ate crisps, lots of crisps.

Ice cream with chocolate syrup

Lay's crisps

This happened more or less every evening, much nicer than going down into the town, where to park the car?
 Too hot, too busy, too noisy; plus having to get dressed up.

At home I floated about in cool linen, sarongs and caftans, why torture yourself?

We would stay out there until well after midnight; a good night could see us making our way to bed at three or four in the morning.

So when the evenings started becoming too cold to stay out after the sun had gone down we have to move indoors; and I hate it at first, I do eventually resign myself to it.

This is where the silver lining comes in.

We don’t need to buy so much food and drink; a fatter wallet!

I am going to bed earlier, MGG always went to bed early anyway, he is known for it!

Instead of one and two in the morning, I’m snuggled up by about eleven, midnight at the latest.

Early to bed

I’m reading books again, watching quality films (In my book, that means Indie), getting up in the mornings, feeling healthy, plus, our smoking has been cut in half because neither of us never ever smoke in the house.

Smoking cut in half

Then there is this; I had noticed that my shorts were a bit snug towards the end of September and one windy day I put on an old pair of Levi 501s to go to the beach, the button fly ones, I could only button up three of the five buttons!

Ouf ,well what did I expect ,after all the summer spent drinking and munching?

It’s been about a month now, of being indoors after six in the evening.

A month of no crisps, ice cream, wine, beer, pizza, yesterday I put the jeans on, I could button all five buttons, wow!

 I weighed myself, since moving indoors, I have lost nearly seven kilos!

Back in my jeans!

If that’s not a silver lining, I don’t know what is!

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