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Create simplicity: Get rid of the clutter!

Other people's junk
Other people's junk

“Don't own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire.”
Wendell Berry, Farming: a hand book.

I consider myself a tidy person, I could very well have coined the phrase:
 "A place for everything, and everything in its place" 

It makes life so much simpler, no wasting time hunting for things, if you follow this old adage, you know exactly where things are.

I love to get rid of clutter, stuff not needed anymore, stuff that is not likely to be needed any more.

My family do things differently!

They hoard.

One of MGG's (My Greek God) favourite sayings is:

"It might come in useful one day"

Occasionally he has been proved right, nine times out of ten, though, we have just been collecting junk.

Both my children have flown the nest, not so, most of their belongings, which means that we are now collecting even more junk:

 "Other people's junk"

Unwanted stuff
Unwanted stuff

This is just one very small example of  "Other peoples junk"
I have wardrobes and cupboards bursting with stuff , in fact, I have a whole room full of:

 "Other peoples junk"

My Daughter has moved three times since going to live in Athens, each time, stuff not wanted or needed in the new place, comes home to Mum.

(By the way, my Daughter still has her room at home with a whole lot of other stuff in it!)

There was so much of it, that I made myself a cosy little:

 " Place of One's Own",

 in what was once our guest room.

"A Place Of One's own"
"A Place Of One's own"

 Most of what you see here once belonged to my Daughter.

This left us with no place for guests to sleep, so when my Son married and left home I had plans for his old room.

I emptied his room as much as I could, this meant begging him to sort out his cupboards and drawers, the begging turning into threatening, when I had no response from him.

Then, things that had left with him, started to return!

Wardrobes that I had emptied began filling up again.

He and his wife live in a small apartment,

 "They had no room for his stuff"
This was his excuse.

Well, MGG and I, lived in a small apartment, for about ten years, I never remember us farming out our belongings to other family members, through lack of space!

Other peoples junk
Other peoples junk

All my Son's hobbies seem to need equipment that is extremely large, crash helmets, protective motorbike gear,( this could be classed as armor, rigid, large and cumbersome), water skies and now that his passion is windsurfing and various other water sports, goodness knows what else might be arriving.

None of this, you understand, can be kept at his home!

I need to put my foot down, enough is enough.

So, I am on a mission, I will empty this room; for a second time!

My mission, empty this room.
My mission: empty this room.

This is not the only stuff to be sorted out, the cupboards and drawers are again full.

Inflatable rubber rings

You may be forgiven for thinking that these blow up things for the sea, belong to my two and a half year old Granddaughter, they don't.

They belong to my twenty nine year old Daughter.

The only thing in this room, that I really want to keep, is this cupboard.
I have the perfect place for it in our bedroom.

It has to stay upstairs, for now, anyway, it's too large to go around the curve in the stairs.
We got it up here with the help of a  crane, up over the balcony and in through the French  windows.


Why has it not been moved yet?
Because MGG and Prodigal Son reckon that it is too heavy to move.
Have they tried to move it?
No, I shall have to nag some more!

Even little Melina; my Granddaughter, is at it now.

Toy box
Toy box

We have a good selection of toys!

They have been moved from this position, after a friend cautioned us, that they might be a fire hazard.

To get back to the subject, I will empty that room,
I will have a guest room again.

For today though, I shall leave it, the weather is miserable.

Cloudy weather in Greece
Cloudy weather in Greece

Just the sort of day to relax in my ex guest room, now:

 "A Place of One's Own""

My Space
My Space

Ironically, if not for "Other people's junk", I wouldn't have my cosy little room, where today, I shall  read again, a book about a wonderful character: Peggy Guggenheim, and watch for the millionth time one of my favourite films: Cinema Paradiso.
 The directors cut version, which has a whole extra hour more, than the version shown in cinemas.


Maybe I should take more notice of  MGG when he says:

"It might come in useful one day"


  1. Hi Susan,

    I loved this post. Although the gods are moody and have hidden the sun from its worshippers, your story of Simplicity vs Clutter, (they could be duelling gods, themselves!), complete with lovely illustrations, and an ironic ending, has warmed my soul, keeping me great company on this rather wintry eve.

    Happy weekend!


    1. Thank you Poppy, Simplicity Vs clutter, dueling gods......I love that, how clever of you!
      It is a wintry evening, I shall snuggle up with my book.
      Have a good weekend, let;s hope that the weather bucks up a bit!

  2. After an exhausting day, I just read your post and it cheered me up, made me giggle, great stuff Keep writing !! :)

    1. Thank you Christine, that's a lovely thing to hear, if I can cheer someone up with my blog, I will definitely keep on writing.

  3. GREETINGS Susan, from the USA! I am finally here, after having celebrated a lovely Thanksgiving. The weekend is here to enjoy and I am again grateful!

    I so agree with you here. Our once small home was stuffed with too much large furniture, not to mention other stuffers that we needed to get rid of. Then we added two large rooms to the house and the opposite happened; you'd think that with more space, you'd either keep the junk or add more. NO! I got rid of unwanted things and my drawers are now neatly organized, and I can finally find my sewing notion when a button pops off and I need to give immediate attention to my coat or dress! It feels good to breathe.

    Thank you kindly for coming to visit me! Your home is lovely. Anita

    1. So glad to hear that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Anita.
      Life is so much easier with less stuff, I would have thought with more space ....more stuff!
      Well done for getting rid of the unwanted, sometimes it does mean being ruthless.
      I just wish, that the rest of my family ,thought along the same lines!
      Always love coming to visit you Anita!

  4. It must be difficult for any tidy person to live with a hoarder. It’s a good thing for you to finally put your foot down and stick with your decision of getting rid of the clutter. Just look at how cozy the place looked after all that clutter were gone. I’m sure your family will understand what pushed you into doing this. Cheers!

    Clarence Rios @ Bins By Jo Ltd.


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