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Happy New Year Greece. Here's to 2015, may there be lots of Greekness!

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

A very Happy new year to you all.

I hope you took it easy last night, and that not too many of you are feeling fragile this morning, for those who weren't sensible, but, probably had the best time:

 It will pass!
Hell while it lasts, but, it will pass!

MGG (My Greek God) and I had a fabulous family New Year's Eve.
 Our daughter-in-law; Sandra, gave me a rest from cooking, and fed us all the most delicious food.

Cooked by Sandra
Cooked by Sandra

Our Granddaughter, Melina, had her second visit from Father Christmas!

We had celebrated, English style, on Christmas Eve, but Father Christmas visits Greece on New Year's Eve,
He couldn't not call in on Mel, again, could he?

Second visit from Santa
Second visit from Santa

Because it's so cold in Greece just now, Melina ,kindly lent Maurice a jumper!
Poor Maurice, seventeen years old, and feeling the cold.

Hugo has so much fat on him; he still thinks it's summer:

"Cold weather, what cold weather?"

Hugo & Maurice
Hugo & Maurice

Quote of the day:

"For last year's words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice."

T.S Elliot
"The Four Quarters"


2014 has gone, let it go  (Anyone around small children, definitely wants to let Frozen go! Have we all seen it a hundred times or more?)

Forget the bad bits, cherish the good, be ready for 2015 to be exactly what you want it to be.

My new year really came in with a crash and a bang!

For the last two days, Greece, has had snow, yes, it does snow in Greece!

Snow on the Acropolis.Athens.Greece
Snow on the Acropolis.Athens.Greece

Then, yesterday, the winds arrived; with a fury!

We all exaggerate from time to time, as when we say:

"I've never seen wind as strong as this before"

Well, let me assure you, this time, I was not exaggerating! 

It howled around the house all night, I was glad to be indoors, snug as a bug, with MGG.

Little did I know what would be waiting for me in the morning!

Rather than New year's Eve; we had the Eve of destruction!


This was my first taste of 2015. 
My beautiful Cretan urns, in pieces, dashed to the ground by gale force winds.

MGG is out there now seeing if anything can be salvaged.

 Alas, I fear not.


  1. Happy new year Sue and family. The new year certainly came in with a bang! Lots of damage up here, half of the garage roof came off! Lots of branches ripped off the trees and one tree uprooted. Just finished clearing up.I wish you all the best for 2015, Tina:)

  2. Oh no Tina! Looks like we got off lightly then!
    A very happy New Year to You and Francis.

  3. Wishing you a Happy new year. What a start you had with the weather, it's not what I would imagine to see in Greece! Sarah x

    1. A happy new year to you too Sarah, it certainly isn't what you would have expected in Greece, the wind was something else!
      Since I wrote this, we have had so much snow!!!!!


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