Blog, Blog, Blogging Along: Learning as I go.

Blogging away all day
Blogging the day away.
I have a smart phone.

Why is this news?

 I swore I would never own one, that’s why.

I’ve never thought mobile phones essential, most of the time I don’t know where mine is, I forget to take it out with me, I never check it, and when I do, there are usually a thousand and one missed calls.

My only emergency where a mobile phone could have been useful, was while I was freezing in our garden, wearing my night attire, mid-winter, having  locked myself out, and no one else was home.

I could see my phone, through the window, sitting on the kitchen table.

(You may be wondering how I managed to get back in, I broke into my own house, MGG, My Greek God, was not too pleased!)

Cat Burglar
Cat Burglar

So, why am I now the not-so-proud owner of a smart phone?

Blogging made me do it.

Mobile phone.
 My Mobile phone.

Before and after

Naïve of me, I know, but when I started writing my blog, I thought that was it, you wrote it, gave it a quick once over and clicked all the right buttons and it was out there, on The Internet, for the world and his wife to read.

A year later, I know better, you need to learn complicated things, things with names you don’t understand, not even proper words, only initials; SEO, HTML, oh, that was a bad one, it took me a full day of hell to learn how to insert code into HTML.

Computer language!

This learning curve doesn’t stop once you've published your post.

 There’s all sorts of stuff out there, to show you how your blog is doing, are people reading it, how old are they, where do they live, are they male or female?

More learning, more complications, I’m still not sure how to fathom out Webmaster, Google Analytics and Adwords.

Searching for keywords
Searching for keywords

Then there are meta tags, keywords, page views, unique views, organic views, snippets, templates, gadgets, widgets and goodness knows what else.

Words, Words, Words. Picture;Catrin Weltz Stein
Words, Words, Words.
Picture;Catrin Weltz Stein

It's all about words, good ones, bad ones,
adding them and then, on second thoughts,discarding them.
Figuring it all out takes time, and patience.

A flash of inspiration and I have a subject to write about, it needs research, lots of research, at least that can be done by surfing the web, no need for visits to libraries, it needs pictures, so, search for suitable images, all the above is time consuming.

Time is not on my side.
Time is not on my side.

I have other things to do.

 I have to feed MGG, see to my darling pug dogs, weed the garden and clean the loo (as one does).
 There’s a new book out, just begging to be read, it’s a glorious day, I must take my granddaughter to the beach; my whole schedule is turned upside down.

Finally, after hours with my laptop, my blog post is ready, much time has been lost here, through my inability to type; everything is done with one finger!

One more thing I need to do; learn to type!

One Finger
One Finger

How I type!
Now its edit, edit and edit again, throw out, add, and throw out again.
And, thank goodness for “Spell-check”

All those little people helping me.

The great moment has arrived; time to press the “Publish” button and launch my work into cyberspace, and hope that somewhere out there, someone, will not only read it, but enjoy it and find it interesting.

We have lift off
We have lift off
My blog post is launched into cyberspace!

The point of all these hours spent alone with my laptop, sometimes in the middle of the night, feeling that I am the only person awake in the whole wide world, is to entice people to read my blog, and here, is where we come back to my smart phone.

All alone on my laptop
All alone on my laptop whilst
the rest of the world sleeps.
Did you notice the laptop is an Acorn, not an Apple?
A blog needs help once its out there alone, it needs to be pushed and promoted, and it needs to show up in a Google search, in order for it to be discovered, so that it may be "followed"

Follow me
Follow me why don't you?
Gathering followers
This is the bit I don’t really like so much, the networking, I would be happy to just write a post and publish it, that’s not how it works though, if you want readers, if you want followers, and I do, I spent a lot of time writing, it has to be done.

Give me books
Give me books
Sometimes, all I want to do, is get back to my books!

So, I’m registered with Facebook, with Pinterest, with Twitter, with Bloglovin and a whole lot of others, more studying was needed here to actually link these social media sites to my blog.

Social Media
Social Media

I thought this list of social media was enough, until my daughter told me it would be a good idea to register with Instagram, it would help my blog rake in more followers; help accumulate traffic. (Blog language for readers)

I hope  they're queuing up to read my blog!
Actually, this is a traffic jam in Berlin, 1989,
as the border between East and West Germany opens.

One snag, to register with Instagram, I needed a smart phone.

So, now I have a smart phone.

 You see? I told the truth;

My blog made me do it!

That makes one more thing I have to learn to use properly, I'm now registered with Instagram, as yet, I don’t have a single picture on there; I still have to sort out how it works.

Three of my personal rules have gone out the window:

1. Get to bed before midnight

2. Do not turn on computer until after 5 PM

3. Get up, get dressed, get out

Any thoughts on  this "networking" aspect of blogging, is it all worth it?

Dear blog, the things I do for you!


Hilary said…
Once more a great selection of photos to illustrate your blog.
All very enjoyable
Thanks Hilary, I did rather like today's lot of pictures myself! As per usual, I had found more than I needed, it's really difficult choosing which to put in and which to leave out.

Anonymous said…
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
What shall I say to this? Could mean you either liked it or you hated it, I'll go with you liked it,seeing as my eagle eye spotted something that looks like a little smiley face there at the end!Thanks.
Miss Izzy said…
I have to give you credit for being so committed to all this blogging!!! You should definitely get your instagram going 'cause your photo selection is exceptional. I bet you'll manage to have very loyal pic followers. And I can't wait to see your witty little tweets on twitter! Your short greek anecdotes are going to be a blast!!!
Thanks for the credit! So, you have given me that little nudge I needed to get me going with Instagram and twitter.Tomorrow I will battle with them, I have had a real overdose of technology this week,what's one more day?
Down by the sea said…
This made me smile how you used your old phone is just like me! When I first started blogging I comment on other blogs that I was interested in. I seemed to generate a number of followers by joining in with an activity on blogging that many others were also participating in. I struggle to keep up with corresponding with all those that leave comments and so have stayed away from promoting myself on pinterest,twitter and instagram. More followers does mean more time on the computer! Sarah x
Yes Sarah, I'm not too good where mobile phones are concerned, or for that matter, technology in general, my progress is slow to say the least, but, I'm getting there! I do love people reading my stuff, especially when it's something I've done lots of research for,I enjoy doing it and learn so much myself at the same time.You're right, more followers, more time spent sat inside at the computer.Wouldn't it be great if you just published it,and people could read it without all the rest of the shenanigans? I feel so guilty sat with my laptop for hours on end.
I shall give Instagram a go, not too sure about twitter, truth be told, anything to keep me away from Facebook, that thing has the ability to suck you in!
Anonymous said…
Please do not feel guilty about your new hobby. You are studying and broadening your skills and bringing a lot of enjoyment to those of us who read your blogs and look forward to them. Your choice of pictures to illustrate your comment is very sophisticated and enchanting in some instances - especially the little spell checkers! Brilliant. I think you will just have to find the time to spend - guilt free- knowing that we NEED you and your regular comments to brighten our days. Happy Christmas, Sue :] x
from Vivienne Smith - PS the other respondent must have chosen anonymous because its difficult to select a profile.
Vivienne, thank you, what a nice thing to say..."You need me".You made my day. This is the sort of thing that keeps me going, I did abandon blogging over the summer, I am back with a passion!
I do so love hunting for pictures, I have so many stock-piles that have nothing to do with anything! Maybe I should do a post, just with pictures! Wasn't that a fabulous find, the little spell checkers? I found it under nothing whatsoever to do with spelling!I promise I will try and put my guilt on the back burner,just for you.I know what you mean about the profile thingy, I just use my Google plus profile, it works everywhere.
Have a very happy and peaceful Christmas Vivienne, and once again, thanks, from the bottom of my heart.
Amanda Bidirini said…
What a super blog. You certainly get around and have some lovely posts too. Definitely need to come back.
Thanks Amanda, So glad to have found "Forty nine steps"...where have I been all this time? I certainly will try my hand at some of the mouthwatering stuff you have on there.
Anonymous said…
Lovely post !!!
Thanks for taking the time to read it.
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hira khan said…
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