In Praise of Older Women

A woman of a certain age
A woman of a certain age 
  We seem to be in a phase of "The older woman" 
    The older woman who has not succumbed to plastic surgery, botox, fillers and other such procedures.

How refreshing that magazines are now featuring older women, not for their aches and pains, not for telling them how to claim their pension but for their beauty, their natural beauty.

                     These women know that beauty comes from within, it can't be bought over the counter in the form of lotions and potions, it can't be found under a surgeon's scalpel, it can't be acquired by wearing clothes meant for someone twenty years younger or forcing themselves into their daughter's jeans.

                      These women know that beauty comes from confidence, the confidence to not follow the latest "trends", the confidence to be different, to be themselves,the confidence to let their hair go grey, the confidence to not give a damn!
No "surprised" botox looks or the puffy-cheeked hamster look of fillers for them.

Nor the "trout pout" of lips filled to bursting with silicon, they know that all this would only make them look deformed not transformed!

           Here are a few of my favourite, natural "older women"

Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton

                               Diane Keaton 68 Love her quirky style.

Linda Rodin
Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin
Linda Rodin

           Linda Rodin 65 If you have to wear glasses, make them bold.

Claire Chazal
Claire Chazal

Claire Chazal
Claire Chazal

            Claire Chazal 57 reporter for TFI French national TV station

Daphne Self
Daphne Self

Daphne Self
Daphne Self

Daphne Self 83 still working as a mode.....respect!

Ines De La Fressange
Ines De La Fressange

Ines De La Fressange
Ines De La Fressange

Ines De La Fresange 57 former Chanel model, Karl Lagerfeld muse.

Francoise Hardy
Francoise Hardy

Francoise Hardy 70 French singer & actress

I have left my favourite, Charlotte Rampling, until last.
The niche cosmetic company Nars has just used her as their "face" for 2014.

I was thrilled when I learnt this, couldn't wait to see the adverts and when I did I was disappointed.

Charlotte Rampling is a beautiful, elegant woman, such a strong character, she has a presence that mesmerizes(I have seen her on stage in Athens), in the adverts she was hardly recognizable.

I had expected to see her as we always see her in magazines, films and on tv, I was shocked........and then I looked again, and again, gradually it began to grow on me, now I love it!!!

Charlotte Rampling for Nars
Charlotte Rampling for Nars

Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling

       Here are a couple of  pictures of people on the street, I don't know who they are, I just came across them on the internet and loved them for their diversity!


Love this look
Just love this look!

There is something about these gorgeous women; they are well-groomed, have poise, good posture and they are all slim.

Take note!

On being a Mother

On the beach
On the beach

The fact of it being my Daughter's birthday today started me thinking about my years of being a Mother, all thirty one of them!

Was I a good Mother? Was I bad Mother?
 A bit of both I suppose, after all nobody is perfect.

Looking back, I know what my mistakes were and wish I could turn back the clock to rectify them, that is never going to happen but I now have a second chance with my Granddaughter and I vow to have more patience with her than I did with my own children.

Whatever the answer is to the good or bad Mother question I must have done something right as they have both turned out to be a credit to me.

  What a shock to the system it is when your first child is born, forget your life as you knew it, you are now heading towards the unknown, a scary place, sometimes bad but mostly good.

The worst has to be the lack of sleep and that never ends!

It is not just being woken up ten times a night with a newborn, it carries on...keeping bedside vigil through all of the childhood illnesses, then the teenage years come along, their first forays out into the night alone, waiting up for them, they only need to be five minutes late and you are imagining them dead in a ditch somewhere!

Then we have the loss of freedom, gone are the  nights out, gone are the relaxing bubble baths, even the freedom of visiting the loo alone is gone and a really bad one here...the freedom to suffer in bed with a hangover, you have to get up and carry on.
 That's enough to stop anybody ever drinking again!

The good bits, oh how the good bits outweigh the bad, the kisses, the cuddles, the "I love you Mummy".

Watching them while they sleep, the sweet  Mother's day cards made at school and brought home with such pride.

The first present they buy you with their pocket money and above all the trust in their eyes when they look at you.

The unconditional love that they have for you...and the fact that they think you are Superwoman and can do anything, absolutely anything!

“Mothers are all slightly insane.”
J.D Salinger
The Catcher In The Rye.  

So happy birthday to Nais, go out and do something totally mad ....which for you will be very easy!!!!xxx

My Daughter Nais
My gorgeous Daughter Nais

A Mother's Advice To Her Daughter

"Be strong. Be intelligent. Smile. Know that beauty has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and nothing to do with looks or other people's opinions.
  Never do anything just because everyone else is, if you believe it's wrong. Always be true to yourself."

Happy birthday to you as well for Sunday

My Son John,Look at those eyes!
My Son John, look at those eyes!

So..there's this boy,he stole my heart.....he calls me Mum. 

My little town : Loutraki, Greece

Loutraki Greece
Loutraki Greece
Twenty seven years ago we arrived in Loutraki, previously we had lived ten years in Korinth which was very nice but had a terrible lack of  water flowing from the taps.
This made life in an apartment with two young children a trial indeed.
The rare times that the water was running, usually in the middle of the night, everyone was up and filling whatever could hold water: the bath, large saucepans and the never ending plastic water bottles.
  We envied the people in the nearby town of Loutraki for their copious, never-ending water supply gushing from their taps at any time of day or night.
It didn't take  long for us to decide to move there, we acquired a plot of land, rented a sweet but damp little house and  started building the house that was to become  our home.

Our House Loutraki
Our house in Loutraki

          The spa town of Loutraki(which actually means"little Bath") is situated on the coast of mainland Greece about an hour's drive from Athens.
This makes it handy for us visiting the capital but is also very handy for the Athenians to arrive in droves for their summer holidays, usually staying from mid-June,when the schools close, to mid-September when they open again.
It does become extremely crowded, luckily we are on the outskirts of the town, much quieter.

Loutraki beach
A very busy Loutraki beach
A wonderful place for holiday makers with plenty of hotels for all pockets including two first class 5 star establishments, the hotel "Poseidon Resort" and the" Club Hotel Casino" which adjoins the Loutraki casino, one of the largest in Europe.

Club Hotel Casino Loutraki
Club Hotel Casino Loutraki

Have a look at Club Hotel Loutraki  HERE

Poseidon Resort Loutraki
Poseidon Resort Loutraki

Have a look at the Poseidon Resort HERE
Lots of water sports, beaches, tourist shops, tavernas and a great night life.
I prefer a calmer life...put it down to age! and keep to the quieter beaches, within walking or cycling distance of home.
The beach is my passion , I manage to go there every day, even if it means getting up at the crack of dawn to get all my chores, housework, laundry etc finished beforehand.
Me and my trusty bicycle
My trusty bicycle
Loutraki beach
My spot on Loutraki beach
Another thing I love is walking around Loutraki with my two and a half year old Granddaughter Melina.
Our favourite excursion is going to the harbour to look at the fishing boats and say hello to the friendly fishermen who are always pleased to see us.
Then; if we have time a visit to the park.

Loutraki park
Loutraki park 
Loutraki harbour
Loutraki harbour

Loutraki fishermen
Lunch with Loutraki fishermen

Melina is usually given a tasty piece of their snack!
By Loutraki harbour
Down by Loutraki harbour
When not wandering around the harbour I can be found at either of the two street markets, one held on a Wednesday and one on a Saturday.
 So much fresh fruit and veg,free-range eggs, honey, olive oil, home-made wine...what to buy first!
For these visits I have a wonderful shopping trolley that I bought in France,,,they have the "creme de la creme" of shopping does get some envious looks!
Loutraki street market
Loutraki street market
 It is a beautiful place to live, the sea on one side and the Gerania mountains on the other where the views from up there are breath-taking.
We are very lucky to live here.

Edem taverna Loutraki
Edem taverna Loutraki
At the Edem Taverna

Loutraki bay
View over Loutraki bay from Edem taverna
The beautiful view of the bay of Loutraki from the Edem Taverna.

Loutraki bay
Enjoying the view over Loutraki bay


Loutraki waterfalls (Kataraktes)
Loutraki waterfalls (Kataraktes)

Loutraki waterfalls
Loutraki waterfalls with Grandpa
Melina with Grandpa, in Loutraki near the waterfalls.
Visit Loutraki here

My family and other animals.

            The inspiration for the title of today's post comes from a book that has been  loved and read many times by me: " My Family and Other Animals" by Gerald Durrell.
A splendid story about the Durrell family set in Greece on the island of Corfu just before the outbreak of the second world war.

I first read this book while at school, since then, I have read it numerous times, it describes life in Greece to a T!

 little did I know then that one day I would be writing about my own family's life in Greece.

See the book here

My Family and Other Animals
     So without further ado let me introduce you to my family and various animals.

The two of us,Susan & Tassos
Just the two of us

Tassos Rome Italy
Anastasios, Tassos, MGG(My Greek God)

Looking a bit like a member of the Mafia here and the picture was taken in Rome!

My Son John

My son, Yiannis, Johnny.

Johnny has a real passion for the outdoor life, be it on a bicycle, a motor cycle or riding the waves wind surfing.

Sweet Melina my Granddaughter
Melina,Yiannis & Sandra's daughter..the star of our family.

A real little sweetie, two and a half years old.
Always smiling, always happy, no trouble at all.

Alexandra & Yiannis
 Yiannis and his wife Sandra(Alexandra)

They have been married for three years and together for ten tears.
I wish them many, many more happy years.

My beautiful Daughter Nais

My gorgeous Daughter Nais.

A real party animal, just can't stay at home.
Always out and about somewhere.
She lives and works in Athens.

Dimitris, Nais's partner of 11 years,

Love him to bits!

A happy couple      
Don't they look nice together?

Well now that you've met the are the animals!

Me, Maurice & Hugo,our pug dogs
Me with our pugs Maurice(beige)& Hugo(black)

Maurice & Hugo,the pug dogs
Maurice(beige) Hugo (black)

Maurice is seventeen years old and still going strong!
Hugo, his partner in crime, is ten years old.

Amos & Ziggy
Amos & Ziggy

 Amos(boxer)and Ziggy who are sadly no longer with us.

 Well, now that you have seen us in all our glory, tomorrow I will tell you about Loutraki, the small, coastal, mainland town which is our home.

Greeker than the Greeks!
Greeker than the Greeks!

Until then,

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