My family and other animals.

            The inspiration for the title of today's post comes from a book that has been  loved and read many times by me: " My Family and Other Animals" by Gerald Durrell.
A splendid story about the Durrell family set in Greece on the island of Corfu just before the outbreak of the second world war.

I first read this book while at school, since then, I have read it numerous times, it describes life in Greece to a T!

 little did I know then that one day I would be writing about my own family's life in Greece.

See the book here

My Family and Other Animals
     So without further ado let me introduce you to my family and various animals.

The two of us,Susan & Tassos
Just the two of us

Tassos Rome Italy
Anastasios, Tassos, MGG(My Greek God)

Looking a bit like a member of the Mafia here and the picture was taken in Rome!

My Son John

My son, Yiannis, Johnny.

Johnny has a real passion for the outdoor life, be it on a bicycle, a motor cycle or riding the waves wind surfing.

Sweet Melina my Granddaughter
Melina,Yiannis & Sandra's daughter..the star of our family.

A real little sweetie, two and a half years old.
Always smiling, always happy, no trouble at all.

Alexandra & Yiannis
 Yiannis and his wife Sandra(Alexandra)

They have been married for three years and together for ten tears.
I wish them many, many more happy years.

My beautiful Daughter Nais

My gorgeous Daughter Nais.

A real party animal, just can't stay at home.
Always out and about somewhere.
She lives and works in Athens.

Dimitris, Nais's partner of 11 years,

Love him to bits!

A happy couple      
Don't they look nice together?

Well now that you've met the are the animals!

Me, Maurice & Hugo,our pug dogs
Me with our pugs Maurice(beige)& Hugo(black)

Maurice & Hugo,the pug dogs
Maurice(beige) Hugo (black)

Maurice is seventeen years old and still going strong!
Hugo, his partner in crime, is ten years old.

Amos & Ziggy
Amos & Ziggy

 Amos(boxer)and Ziggy who are sadly no longer with us.

 Well, now that you have seen us in all our glory, tomorrow I will tell you about Loutraki, the small, coastal, mainland town which is our home.

Greeker than the Greeks!
Greeker than the Greeks!

Until then,

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