My Greek God

Greek God Apollo

How did I fetch up in Greece nearly forty years ago?

I met a Greek God, yes folks, England has Greek Gods, one of them was at university in England and I fell Passionately in love with him.
When he finished his studies and returned to Greece I tagged along.
That was 1977.
 We married here in Greece and Tassos has now been my husband for thirty four years .....and yes, we still have the passion!

My love for Greece happened gradually, it took a while to understand the Greeks, their ways and customs, not to mention the language that I picked up surprisingly quickly: a case of needs must!
Matters were not helped by the fact that Tassos had to do his national service (still happening here) a few months after I arrived.
I was basically alone waiting for him to return on leave...not a frequent occurrence, anyway we got through that, settled down and my love affair with Greece began.

The sunny blue skies, the cool seas, adorable little villages, the abundant fresh fruit and vegetables, the ubiquitous kiosk (periptero) where nearly anything can be bought at any time of day or night but above all I love  the people.
The proud Greeks, the hospitable friendly Greeks, the passionate Greeks, which is why I feel....Greeker than the Greeks!

Greek God Tassos
My Greek God then
Tassos Avignon
My Greek God now

Wedding day
Our wedding day

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