To My Children - On Being a Mother

On the beach
On the beach

The fact of it being my Daughter's birthday today started me thinking about my years of being a Mother, all thirty one of them!

Was I a good Mother? Was I bad Mother?
 A bit of both I suppose, after all nobody is perfect.

Looking back, I know what my mistakes were and wish I could turn back the clock to rectify them, that is never going to happen but I now have a second chance with my Granddaughter and I vow to have more patience with her than I did with my own children.

Whatever the answer is to the good or bad Mother question I must have done something right as they have both turned out to be a credit to me.

  What a shock to the system it is when your first child is born, forget your life as you knew it, you are now heading towards the unknown, a scary place, sometimes bad but mostly good.

The worst has to be the lack of sleep and that never ends!

It is not just being woken up ten times a night with a newborn, it carries on...keeping bedside vigil through all of the childhood illnesses, then the teenage years come along, their first forays out into the night alone, waiting up for them, they only need to be five minutes late and you are imagining them dead in a ditch somewhere!

Then we have the loss of freedom, gone are the  nights out, gone are the relaxing bubble baths, even the freedom of visiting the loo alone is gone and a really bad one here...the freedom to suffer in bed with a hangover, you have to get up and carry on.

 That's enough to stop anybody ever drinking again!

The good bits, oh how the good bits outweigh the bad, the kisses, the cuddles, the "I love you Mummy".

Watching them while they sleep, the sweet  Mother's day cards made at school and brought home with such pride.

The first present they buy you with their pocket money and above all the trust in their eyes when they look at you.

The unconditional love that they have for you...and the fact that they think you are Superwoman and can do anything, absolutely anything!

“Mothers are all slightly insane.”
J.D Salinger
The Catcher In The Rye.  

So happy birthday to Nais, go out and do something totally mad ....which for you will be very easy!!!!xxx

My Daughter Nais
My gorgeous Daughter Nais

A Mother's Advice To Her Daughter

"Be strong. Be intelligent. Smile. Know that beauty has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and nothing to do with looks or other people's opinions.
  Never do anything just because everyone else is, if you believe it's wrong. Always be true to yourself."

Happy birthday to you as well for Sunday

My Son John,Look at those eyes!
My Son John, look at those eyes!

So..there's this boy,he stole my heart.....he calls me Mum. 

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