Days like this.

There was no indication last night of what the weather would be like today, nor had I seen a weather forecast.
So when I awoke this morning to a dull grey sky, looking like it could rain at any moment, my reaction was....

A cloudy day
A cloudy day
8.00 am today
Jobs were piling up, the floors were feeling gritty under foot, washing needed doing, the sheets would be crawling off of the beds on their own soon.
MGG had run out of clean underwear.
Things like this happen because of the beach, there are other causes but mostly the beach.
 I can't keep away.
So when I saw the cloudy sky, it was a chance to stay at home and do the dreaded housework, without feeling guilty about not being on the beach, normal people would feel guilty about not doing the housework!
Out comes the vacuum cleaner, out comes the sticky tape, I have wrecked it by pulling at it when it gets stuck round corners.
It has fallen all the way down the stairs, more than once and the hose is much shorter than it was originally as MGG has had to keep cutting bits off to stick it back in position, because of me tugging it about.

Old vacuum cleaner
Old vacuum cleaner
It has to be stuck up every time I use it for any length of time, the heat from the motor does something to the tape.
I class myself as quite a calm person, it takes a lot for me to lose my temper but when the vacuum gets lodged under things, or the the wire snagged up,
I just wrench and rive.
Rive: a word my Father used, mainly when speaking to me.
It means to rend or tear apart.
He would say:
 "Don't rive at it our Susie, don't rive"
I once got him really worked up while driving to London with him.
I had bought some sandwiches at a service station, not long after leaving Leeds.
You know the sort, three sandwiches in a plastic triangle, I think I managed to get into them around Watford Gap!
The "don't rive at it Susie" was slowly gaining volume!
So you see...I rive!
Hence the tape.
On with the i pod to ease things along but of course it has no power, I forgot to charge it up.
Put on two radios, one upstairs, one down, all the better to hear you my dear.
Don't you just love it when your favourite songs come on in a row?
Today was one of those days.
"Moi Lolita, Alize", "Somebody that I used to know" Gotye and "Africa" by Toto.
One after another.
Moi Lolita
I got started, what a great feeling seeing those clumps of dog hairs disappearing, as if by magic, up the vacuum cleaner.
 The Swiffer dusters really are magic for those difficult fiddly places.
Before I discovered the Swiffer, I didn't get around to cleaning things like this radiator until they looked like they were wearing fur coats.
Swiffer duster

By the time the vacuuming was done the washing machine had finished,
I hung out the bed sheets, what better sight than seeing them hung across the garden, blowing in the breeze?

Bed sheets blowing in the wind
Bed sheets blowing in the wind
I dusted, I polished, I mopped, things were going well until about 12.30 am, there was a ray of sunshine.
Oh please Mr. Sun, don't come out now, I'll only drop everything and go to the beach!
I carried on and tried not to look outside.
Of course I couldn't help it, I had to look.
Clear blue skies, bright sunshine, not a leaf moving.
I practised self-control.
Clear blue skies
Clear blue skies
All enthusiasm for the job at hand is gone now, I do things half-heartedly.
The bathroom gets only a lick and a promise but as Bamber Gascoigne would say: "I've started so I'll finish"
Anyone too young to know this....look it up!
I wiped away Melina's fingerprints and peeled her stickers off the floors.
At about 2.30 pm my friend H 'phones.
To tell me how beautiful the sea was, like glass and was I going to the beach?
I faltered, I nearly downed tools, I had a big just finish, anyway by this time I was shattered, I was hungry....and I had forgotten all about lunch!
MGG knows better than to interrupt these cleaning events.
H. kindly said that she would send me a 'photo of the sea.
I made a measly lunch.
Toasted sandwiches
Toasted sandwiches
I finished off what little was left to do.
I look at my toenails, they are getting long, the same with my finger nails, One of my pet hates is long nails.
How did I let this happen?
Better do manicure, pedicure before I start to look like those Indian men who grow their nails to ridiculous lengths.
The beach has a lot to answer for!
Extra long nails
Extra long nails
I'm jiggered, was it worth it?
Yes, looking at my clean shiny house, yes.
I will be sleeping in fresh, clean, crisp sheets tonight, one of my favourite things.
Tomorrow, come what may, I am going to the beach!
Oh...and MGG will be wearing underwear!

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