A perfect day in Greece. Appreciating the simple things in life.

Every glorious day now, a day where the weather permits me to go to the beach, is a gift.

A gift because we are nearing the end of October and who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Not only weather wise, who knows what life will bring, so go out and live it!

Savour every thing, no matter how insignificant it seems, the best things in life are the simple things; the "Every day things", the smell of basil and jasmine in my garden, the taste of a juicy red tomato, the sound of the sea, even MGG's grumpy face when he gets up in the morning!

He might be grumpy but he's here!

 He's better after his first double stretto espresso.

He's not a morning person!

MGG(My Greek God)
MGG (My Greek God)

 How happy I was when I awoke this morning to blue skies;


Blue skies
Blue skies

Before I left home, for the beach,  MGG arrived with shopping, he had bought me basil!

The winter type of basil plant.

 My summer stock has long since run out. 

I'm already thinking of the tomato salad I shall prepare for lunch, tomatoes from our friend Niko, tomatoes that still taste like a tomato should, the best in loutraki!
 By the way, the basil was also from Nico.

Our olive oil also comes from Niko, from his own trees, he takes his olives himself to the olive press, beautiful!

I think Niko should hire me as his PR!

MGG's shopping, basil plant, eggs, almonds and apples
MGG's shopping, basil plant, eggs, almonds and apples.

Greek olive oil
Greek olive oil

MGG passed by while I was on the beach, only passing though, MGG prefers  beaches miles from anywhere, only accessible by boat.

He  took a few pics of me, most I had to delete, nothing to do with MGG's photography skills, I just hate myself in photo'!

These I considered passable!

Loutraki beach
Loutraki beach

The last days of October
The last days of October

Carpe diem!
Carpe diem!

Walking home from the beach I noticed a sign that had missed my eagle eye, well it was rather tucked away:

" Sea shell apartments"

 How nice is that?

They are situated on Poseidon road.

The Address sounds like something from a children"s book.

Sea shell apartments,Poseidon road.
Sea shell apartments,Poseidon road.

The little rough track I walk down to the beach is called Syros road, Syros being a beautiful Greek Island.

Syros road
Syros road

Our house is on Athens boulevard, Leoforos Athinon, I quite like the sound of that!

Me on Athens boulevard
Me on Athens boulevard

The best street sign I have seen though has to be one I saw in Florence, Italy.

The corner of hell and purgatory, imagine having that as your address!

The corner of hell and purgatory.Florence.Italy
The corner of hell and purgatory.Florence.Italy

Obviously they must be named after the Divine comedy, written by Dante Alighieri who was born in Florence.

While we're on the subject of names, I have acquired a new one from my Granddaughter Melina.

Most Greeks call me Susie, Susaki, Suzanne or Suzanna, they just can't get the hang of Susan for some reason, when they do call me Susan, it is without the N, as when speaking to someone directly in Greece the last letter is knocked off the end, Tassos becomes Tasso, Yiannis becomes Yianni and so on.

Susan becomes Sousa, which in Greek means a wheelie, like my Son does to scare me, or a horse rearing up on it's hind legs!


My Son Johnnie scaring me to death
My Son Johnny, scaring me to death

So just call me Susie!

Anyway, Melina calls me Yia Yia (Grandma in Greek) Susie, now though I am Suzuki!

I'm sure she picked this up from my Son who is bike, car, anything with an engine, anything that goes fast, anything to scare Mum, mad!

Suzuki, Sousa, same difference!

All the way home from the beach I thought about the salad I was going to have, I was starving!
 The sea does that to you!
Here it is...

Tomato and pecorino salad
Tomato and pecorino salad

Niko's superb tomatoes, shaved pecorino cheese (I ''shave"it with a potato peeler!) Nico's olive oil and basil, freshly ground black pepper , coarse sea salt and balsamic vinegar.

What can be simpler than that and it was delicious.

I could eat this salad every day, in fact I think I do.

Simple, natural ingredients, olive oil, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar.
Simple, natural ingredients, olive oil, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar.

Another perfect thing to add to this perfect day is a new Umberto Ecco book.

 So far  "Foucaults Pendulum" has, in my opinion, been his best.

 Let's see if  "The mysterious flame of Queen Loana" can surpass it.

Books by Umberto Ecco
Books by Umberto Ecco

See how such simple things make the perfect day?

All you have to do is appreciate what you have.


Thank you so much for reading my blog, I am always absolutely delighted to hear your thoughts, ideas or suggestions.
They make all my efforts worthwhile,.
Please do check back, after leaving a comment, as I make every effort to answer all your remarks promptly.

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