A walk in Loutraki park and coffee at the "Kolonaki"

Loutraki park
Loutraki park
Finally after five days of rain: sunshine!
So come with me for a walk around Loutraki park and join me for coffee at the "Kolonaki"
The town of Loutraki, a spa town, is about a twenty minute walk from our house.
 From the end of October, after spending all summer on the beach, until late spring I usually head into Loutraki for a daily walk around the park.
It's a lovely little park, bordered on the West by the sea and the harbour and on the East by the main road of Loutraki.
It's situated in the older part of Loutraki and is filled with magnificent eucalyptus, pine, palm, oleander and jacaranda trees.
Palm and eucalyptus trees
Palm and eucalyptus trees
A walkway bordered with palm and eucalyptus trees.
A shady walkway
A shady walkway
Tall and proud: Eucalyptus and palm trees.
A sea view
A sea view
In summer when the oleander and jacaranda are in bloom it is a riot of the deep pink and white of the oleander and the vivid blue-purple of the jacaranda.
Benches are placed all along the walkways, it's lovely and cool to sit in the shade of the trees in summer and gaze at the sea and the harbour.
Sometimes my Granddaughter Melina accompanies me, she loves to feed the pigeons or have fun on the swings and slides.
Towards the North end of the park is a tap dispensing spa water, people fill bottles to take home, hoping to cure or prevent ailments.
Spa water
Spa water
In the centre of the park is a small square, here is a statue of a Mother and child by the sculptor Nikolas Paulopoulos 1909-1990
Wreaths are laid at the foot of this statues on twenty fifth of March:
Greek independence day.

Mother and child
Mother and child
Another sculpture is the bust of General Dimitris Koliopoulos Plapoutas who fought in the Greek war of independence.
For some reason my Grandaughter loves this one.
We always have to go and see him.
She stands very solemnly in front of him and says:
"Good morning Mr Plapoutas"
General Dimitris Koliopoulos Plapoutas
Here's another sculpture , a goat by Irine Pramondioiti 1918-
Goat sculpture
Goat sculpture
A short way further on is a monument in memory of the Loutraki soldiers of the Greek resistance killed in WWII.
Greek resistance monument
Greek resistance monument
All their names are engraved on the plinth.
This monument depicts three statues by the sculptor Leontis Eustathios 1953-
The statue atop the plinth is "Peace"
The two statues either side of the plinth are "Justice" and "Democracy"
I changed the pictures of the three statues into black and white as the details show up much better.

Homer quote
On the front of the plinth is an inscription, a quote from Homer:
εἷς οἰωνὸς ἄριστος, ἀμύνεσθαι περὶ πάτρης
Translated to English this says:
There is only one omen
To fight for one's country.
The East side of the park is bordered by the main road of Loutraki.
Here are the coffee shops, very popular in summer because of the shade provided by the tall, leafy trees.
I love to stroll past the tables of Greek men playing backgammon under the trees.
Always men! I have never seen a woman player!

Across the road from the park is the "Kolonaki" coffee shop, a very "In" trendy place, very popular with the "younger" crowd, both during the day and well into the night.
Petros Kokiopoulos, the owner, is very proud to have his bar "Kolonaki" featured in one of the best Greek architectural magazines:
 Greek Architecture GR. SEE HERE

Petros Kokiopoulos
Petros Kokiopoulos.Owner of "Kolonaki"

Kolonaki bar Loutraki


Here are a few pictures of "Kolonaki"
How Chic!
Pictures by Takis Nikolopoulos
Kolonaki Loutraki

Kolonaki Loutraki

Kolonaki Loutraki

Kolonaki Loutraki

Kolonaki Loutraki
So after a stroll in the park, stop in at the "Kolonaki" for a coffee!

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