Life in Greece as an Expat - Interview for expats Blog

Loutraki beach Greece
Loutraki beach Greece

A question I am frequently asked, by both Greeks and foreigners, is

 "Do I like living in Greece?"

My answer is always the same, in one word "Yes!"

It's been so long now, since I left England, nearly forty years, I forget that I'm an "Expat"!

So, when I was asked by Expats Blog about my life in Greece, I really had to think of my

 life as an expat and not as a Greek!

"expatsblog" is such a useful site for anyone relocating, or thinking of relocating, to another country, tips, forums and a mine of information.

A network allowing you to meet up and get to know other expats in countries all over the world.

A real help, especially in the early days of being in any new country.

I love Greece, the people, the climate, oh the Mediterranean climate, it makes life so much easier!

For about eight months of the year we more or less live outside in our garden.

Garden Loutraki Greece
Our garden Loutraki

Most days, from April/May and onward, up until about the October, our meals are eaten

"Al Fresco"

Sunrise over Loutraki

I'm so lucky to see amazing sunrises each  morning, never the same, always something to gaze at in wonder, summer or winter.

Trusty bicycle
My trusty bicycle and me

My old, but trusty bicycle, gets me out and about, otherwise I walk, the town of Loutraki is only about fifteen minutes away.

 Mondays and Saturdays, I look at what gorgeous fresh produce our local street market has to offer.

Loutraki street market
Loutraki street market

Maybe I'll buy some thing extra nice for MGG's (My Greek God) lunch.

Lunch is our main meal of the day, as is the norm in Greece, sometimes it's just MGG and I,

 other times the whole family, with my little Granddaughter, Melina, being the star of the show!

Family lunch
Family lunch

When it becomes too chilly to be on the beach, which I love with a passion by the way,

 I'll take a stroll to the picturesque tiny harbour, watch the fishing boats returning with their

 day's haul. 

 Of course Greece has bad weather, but, those days are few and far between, usually it's 

sun and blue skies.

Loutraki harbour
Loutraki harbour

We might drop in at our favourite "ouzeri", for ouzo and meze, those delightful little plates of

 of sea food.

Have some grilled octopus
Have some grilled octopus !

I love my Greek life, I feel Greek!

 When people ask me where I am from, it surprises me. (without hearing me speak, because, of course I have a foreign accent).

 I forget I'm not a true local!

 "Do I look foreign?" 

 I don't feel it at all !

Loutraki bay taken from Edem taverna
Loutraki bay taken from Edem taverna

Just look at this view of Loutraki bay I took from the Edem taverna!

Isn't Greece a beautiful place to live?

My Greek God(MGG)
My Greek God (MGG)

I'm so glad I met My Greek God!

“A city becomes a world when one loves one of its inhabitants.” 

Lawrence Durrell from 'Justine'

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