Melina and me.

Melina and me.


This is my last Friday where I look at the time, think “oh I must get to bed” go to bed relatively early and then not sleep.

Every weekend, since April I have been looking after my Granddaughter Melina as my Daughter-in-law works all through the summer months until Mid October.

A friend of mine who worked night shifts, so never had to be up early for any reason, told me that if he knew he had to get up in the morning, he just couldn’t sleep the night before.

I thought this very strange but I now know just what he meant!

I am an early riser, especially in summer, six thirty to seven o clock I’m up.

Late for me is eight o clock!

Why is it then that when I know Melina is arriving on Saturday morning; the night before I can’t sleep for worrying that I’ll over sleep, which I never do?

Consequently all day Saturday I am in “zombie” mode: with a two and a half year old to look after and you all know about the terrible twos!

She arrives at about ten but I have already been up for three hours cooking, and doing all the stuff that can’t be done with Melina around, I have realised I do not have a child-friendly house, I daren’t let her out of my sight.

First job is to coax her into her clothes which usually ends up with a battle.

She hates clothes, she’s a girl: how can she hate clothes?

Well she does, with a passion!

She has maybe five items that she will wear without starting World war three.

My Son arrives exasperated because he has tried to dress her at home and she’s having none of it!

She looks like poor little orphan Annie, no shoes or socks, in her vest and if we are lucky a pair of shorts, her hair like a bird’s nest.

She doesn’t like her hair brushing either!

We distract her, bribe her become angry, nothing works: we mostly have tears.

MGG (My Greek God) usually saves the day, Melina adores him and he seems to have the knack with her.

Best friends
This clothes thing is not only with her self, any toy that has clothes, well let’s just say they don’t have them for long! She just rips them off; we have a whole range of naked Barbies!

 She’s such a sweet, happy little thing, never whinges or whines.She's good company, she chatters away ten to the dozen, she comes out with the most amazing things, mostly picked up from my Daughter. Such as "Are you having me on?" and "okay, okay, don't go wild" and the best of all which doesn't really translate into to  English "calm your body down Susie" meaning, don't get angry.
She's a gem!

We spend the weekend taking walks into the town, looking at the sea and the fishing boats, feeding the pigeons and going to the park.

I must say things were much easier when she was in her pram, I was in control; she was strapped in!

Now she walks…at snails pace, so it seems to me, everything has to be examined, every wall climbed, every bench sat upon!

After the last two walks I have vowed never to take her again, she suddenly wants to be carried everywhere, she’s heavy, it’s red hot.
Once we get to where we’re going though she’s off like a shot, boundless energy, come time to leave she wants carrying again.

We make a deal, I’ll carry you for one block and you walk for one block,” right deal” says Melina, ha, some deal, we get to the next corner she refuses to walk.
She sits down on the pavement and will not budge; has she been taking lessons from Maurice our pug dog? He does that.

I have two alternatives, drag her through the street screaming with everybody looking and thinking “what has she done to that child?” or carry her, I carried her.

This weekend we are not going for a walk!

watering the garden
We have had a lovely summer though, she helped Papou(Grandpa) with his gardening, helped me hang out the washing and do a bit of hoovering.
A young child helping is a great test of patience and self control, especially when they want to do everything on their own, they are so slow, they don’t do it properly, it takes mighty will power to just let them get on with it without interfering!
 She generally kept us entertained though; she loves to dance!
watching cartoons on youtube!
MGG plays the drum, which is an old plastic container, the drumsticks being two spoons; Melina dances, a sort of Eastern, gypsy type dance, it is a thing to be seen for sure, I try to keep a straight face; She is so serious when she does it.
Dancing Queen

We collected lots of flowers in the spring and made a beautiful May wreath together and hung it outside the kitchen door.
Collecting flowers
May wreath

At Easter we dyed eggs red, a Greek tradition; she took them home in a basket for Mummy, along with an Easter card we had made together.
Red Easter eggs

Come the hotter month of June it was fun and games with water, of course we had the blow up paddling pool, we went through three this year actually, they were attacked at night by cats, all deflated in the morning!

Her favourite was the hosepipe though; we all trooped around soaking wet when she got hold of that.

Keeping cool

She is now potty trained; we went through that as well; I’d forgotten all the joys of potty training!

Showing Papou how to use a smart phone
She does wear me out, I’m no couch potato; in fact I consider myself quite active but when she leaves in the evenings I am exhausted, I need a drink!

She arrives at ten in the morning and leaves in the evening at about nine, it’s a long day.

All done in

I remember a saying of my Grandmother’s ‘

“It’s lovely to see you and it’s lovely to see you go”

After this weekend we can have Feta cheese and olives on the table again, they are her absolute favourite things, if she saw those she wouldn’t eat anything else!

Next weekend will be strange; we will miss her, some things we won’t miss!  In general though, we will miss her…..not for long though, she comes to visit every Monday and Wednesday afternoons, with her parents, that makes things much easier.
 Or does it?
 We wouldn't be without the little darling.x

Trimming the xmas tree.Melina and me.

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