Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Out, Visit a Greek Street Market!

Loutraki, Greece
Loutraki Greece

Ouff: I woke up to a dull, muggy day.

It is mid-November though, we can't have summer twelve months of the year!

So far we have been very lucky, weather wise, this winter here in Greece, so I shan't complain.

How easy it is, on these dull days, to make a cup of coffee, go back to bed and read a book.

Coffee & a good book
Coffee & a good book

If I go back to bed, and the book is one that I can't put down, it's possible that I shall still be there at lunch time!

Time to put one of my personal rules into action: Get up, get dressed , get out.

It's not raining and it's not windy.

It's Wednesday, I'll take a walk to the Loutraki street market, we have two street markets a week, 

one today, Wednesday, and one on Saturday.

The market always cheers me up, happy friendly people and lots of colourful stalls to inspect.

So come with me and see what's what at the market today!

Pumpkin squash

Look at the size of these squash, you wouldn't need many of those to make a good hearty soup.

Wine,eggs & cheese
Wine,eggs & cheese

I could smell the graviera cheese from Crete before I saw it!

Lots of homemade wine, red, rose and white, not sure I like the idea of wine from a plastic bottle.

Free-range eggs from the nearby villages, I love eggs and never buy any other than free-range.

There is no comparison to the ones that they have in the supermarket.

Mountain tea
Mountain tea

This is mountain tea, Greek people are not big tea drinkers, they are most likely to drink it for medicinal purposes, hot tea for a sore throat, camomile tea and mint tea for an upset stomach.

Camomile tea is also used to bathe sore eyes.

Olives, oranges & lemons
Olives, oranges & lemons

Oranges, lemons and olives, never missing from any street market.

 This time of year. the olives are being picked. and the citrus trees are laden with fruit.

Mandarin jam
Mandarin jam

Here's more citrus fruit, this time mandarins, made into the Greek "spoon sweets"

This is something like  chunky jam in a thick syrup, it can be made from any fruit.

If made from small fruit such as cherries or grapes, the fruit is left whole.

It is served up on a dainty glass plate with a spoon and always a glass of water.

MGG (My Greek God) loves it spooned over Greek yogurt.

Greens & aubergines
Greens & aubergines

It's nice to see greens in season again, you can have your fill of tomatoes!

A green salad of kos lettuce, spring onions and dill is a refreshing change.

Beetroot & radishes
Beetroot & radishes

Radishes and beetroot, their red really does add colour amongst all the green.

The first time  I ever boiled beetroot, I didn't know that you weren't supposed to peel it first,
 it looked quite anemic when it came out of the pan!

Beetroot is boiled in its skin to stop the colour bleeding out into the water.

The skin falls off easily after boiling.

Honey,nuts,lentils & beans
Honey,nuts,lentils & beans

Honey from bees that fed on thyme, again from the surrounding villages, where many families have their own bee hives.
Bowls and bowls full of almonds, walnuts and raisins.

A much healthier snack than biscuits and crisps, we all know that don't we?

Sacks and sacks of lentils and beans for warming winter soups.

Fresh fish
Fresh fish

Here's another stall that is smelt before it's seen, the fish!

I do love fish and MGG would eat it every day if he could.

I'm just no good at cooking fish!

It breaks up, it becomes a mush or it burns under the grill.

Much better to eat it at one of the many fish tavernas along the seafront.

Homemade soap from olive oil
Homemade soap from olive oil

Now here is something that I have not seen at the market before, homemade soap from olive oil.

It looked, how shall I say? very rustic.

Big chunks of it, the lady said that it was scented with rose petals, lavender and various herbs.

To me it smelt like: olive oil!

Greek dog
Greek dog

I came across this little chap, patiently waiting for his mistress.

It looked like he'd recently had a hair cut so he was wearing his T-shirt.

Homemade cheese and spinach pie
Homemade cheese and spinach pie

This is homemade spinach and cheese pie.

I sometimes buy a few pieces of each to have for lunch with a salad.

It's one euro a slice, the same thing in the bakers can cost up to three times this.

Baskets & bowls
Baskets & bowls

There is  much more than fruit and veg on sale.

Some useful baskets, lots of terrible plastic stuff, clothes, shoes, anything really.

Whatever anybody has that they think might sell at the market.
Today I didn't buy anything but when I do, my super duper shopping trolley comes along with me.

I bought this in France, where all french women have one.
This one, a Rolser, I found in Monoprix, a well-known low-priced, French department store.

When my friend went to buy the same one on the Rolser web site, it was double the price that I paid, 

it pays to shop around!

Shopping trolley
Shopping trolley

The Greek markets are nice, but, nobody beats France for their markets.

They are everywhere, so colourful, so tastefully decorated.

One of the best that I have been to was in Aix-en-Provence.

It was on Saturday mornings and took over the whole town.

It was enormous.

Market Aix -en-Provence
Market Aix -en-Provence

After a good stroll around the market stalls, and before heading home, I had arranged to meet MGG at his local coffee shop:

  Cup "n" Cino

Cup "n" Cino is just around the corner from the market.

MGG has his morning coffee here every day, a double esspresso, stretto, before he has had this, trust

 me, you don't want to see him!

Cup "N" Cino coffee shop
Cup "N" Cino coffee shop

Its a lively place, very popular in the evenings when there is a football or basketball match on the 

television, you have to get there in good time to get a seat!

Cup "N" Cino coffee shop Loutraki
Cup "N" Cino coffee shop

As you can see, standing room only!

Here is Nikos, the owner, a good friend of ours of many years.


Here are the three waiters, Yiannis, Spiros and Georgos.

They make my coffee to perfection, lovely boys, always friendly, always ready with the best service.

Yiannis, Spiros and Georgos
Yiannis, Spiros and Georgos

The walk around the market, and the coffee in the Cup "n" Cino, certainly blew the cobwebs away, 

much better than skulking around at home doing a lot of nothing.


Get up, get dressed, get out!

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