About me

 I am originally from Calverley, a village in Leeds, England and
 have been living here in beautiful Greece for over thirty five years.

I met my gorgeous Greek God (MGG: My Greek God) while he was at university in England.
After a whirlwind romance I returned to Greece with him where we have lived ever since.
MGG and I have two grown up children, Yiannis and Nais and an adorable Granddaughter Melina.
We live in Loutraki, a small, coastal town on mainland Greece, about a forty five minute drive from Athens.
The sea is my passion, that's where you'll find me: on the beach!
When the weather does just not permit the beach I'm to be found at home:
 taking care of and cooking for my family, always with a book at hand!
I am an avid reader, my favourite things to read being biographies but I do love a good detective story!

I adore French and Italian films, especially the French new wave and the Italian neorealism, I try to improve my French and Italian by not reading the subtitles.
I must tell you: both my French and Italian are very bad!
We always have to keep learning though!
I"m often out and about with my camera capturing all the splendour of Greece.
 There isn't a part of the country that doesn't have something interesting to photograph, be it the magnificent scenery or ancient ruins.
I'm always on the look out for any old or caste off bits of furniture to practice my creativity on, trying to make something stylish and unique.
I love living here in Greece, 
 my love for Greece and the Greeks has made me feel:
Greeker than the Greeks!

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