Sophrosyne : Healthy in Mind, Healthy in Body; Greek Word of the Day

Of excellent character
Of excellent character
"Field of dreams" by Majalin
The Greek language has many mysterious words, words that we can try to express in another tongue, but rarely succeed in doing so.

Words better understood by experiencing them rather than speaking them.

Sophrosyne is one such a word, an ancient Greek word, used by the Greek philosopher Plato in his dialogue Charmides, where Socrates, debates the meaning of the word.

Sophrosyne derives from the word sophron, being sound of mind, prudent.

Sophrosyne is a state, a concept, a virtue, a number of qualities, all coming together to form the ideal character.

"Virtue" James C. Christensen
"Virtue" James C. Christensen
It is having self-control, self-knowledge, forethought; it is having temperance, being slow to anger, having restraint, having reason.

Tarot card. Temperance
Tarot card. Temperance
All the above, when brought together, create a life of harmony, of peace and of happiness.

No wonder then, that the Goddess Sophrosyne, Goddess of moderation, on escaping from Pandora’s Box, flew straight back to Olympus, leaving behind mankind!

Pandora by Arthur Rackham
Pandora by Arthur Rackham
A good understanding of the word can be gained, through two of the famous sayings,
from The Oracle at Ancient Delphi:

“Nothing in excess” and “Know thyself”
Ancient Delphi
Ancient Delphi
The philosophy is, living a good and simple life, can only lead to health and happiness.

Happy & peaceful "Touch " by Valentina Yaskina
Happy & peaceful
"Touch " by Valentina Yaskina
Juvena, a Roman poet interpreted Sophrosyne as:

“Mens sana in copore sano” meaning “Healthy in mind, healthy in body”


Today we see it all over the internet, in the form of “Inspirational quotes”, in words such as “Mindfulness”  “Mindset”, and so on and so forth.

How much better it sounds in Greek!


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