Happy Birthday Greeker Than The Greeks - A Year of Blogging.

Happy Birthday Greeker Than The Greeks
Happy Birthday
Greeker Than The Greeks

I can’t believe one whole year has passed since I first stumbled blindly into the world of blogging, even more amazing is the fact that I kept on going!

Like most things that I battle with, it was a case of start, do everything wrong, and then read the instructions.

Looking back, how on earth did I think I could do this?

 My computer skills were pitiful, I had never used “Word” and as for writing, the last time that I seriously put pen to paper was probably a letter to my father.

What I did have was enthusiasm, plenty of it, and one year ago today, after much trial and error I published my first postMy Greek God.


Happy First Birthday “Greeker Than The Greeks”!

One year of blogging
One year of blogging

In the last year, hours have been spent reading “How to” articles about blogging, hours of frustration, especially after accidentally deleting hours of work, hours watching Youtube tutorials, hours of telling myself “You can do it” and hours and hours of practice, after all, practice makes perfect, right?

Well, I may not be perfect, but, I am much better than when I started.

How to be a blogger
How to be a blogger

I owe my progress to three people; my daughter Nais, whom I drove to near madness, she did once actually say that she sometimes avoided me, as she knew that the first thing out of my mouth, on seeing her, would be;

 “Help me with my blog”

Sometimes she wouldn’t help, I exasperated her, but, mostly she was very patient with me.

Thanks for all the help Nais
Thanks for all the help Nais

Then there's Matthew; my sweet nephew, a computer whiz kid, a brilliant photographer, who I bombarded with emails and messages on Facebook, I’m sure that he thought twice before logging on, for fear that I would see he was online and start pestering him!

He did sort me out though, more times than I can remember.
Check out Matt's unique photographic work at the link below:


 My good friend H, my editor extraordinaire; she must have the patience of Job, never a semi colon goes unchecked, never a spelling mistake unnoticed, (Well, she is an English teacher!) and I do make some whoppers!

The practice was, and still is, I publish my posts, and when H sees them, she emails me about the mistakes, there are (Or should I say were, H has taught me well) always plenty, and I then correct them.

This system means that if H is late seeing my posts, or I forget to check my mail, all and sundry witness my bloopers!

My heart skips a beat when, checking emails after putting a post into cyberspace, I spot one from H, and it skips two beats if the heading states “Urgent”

That means I’ve done something absolutely unforgivable!

My philosophy seems to be : "Publish now, edit later" !

H is for heart, and my mate H has a big one!
H is for heart, and my mate H has a big one!

Last but not least, thanks to all of you, my readers, and there are lots of you out there, more than I could ever have hoped for, because, after all, if I didn’t have you, what be the point of blogging?

There, I said it, yes, I’m a blogger!

Who would ever have thought it?

Thank you all (Picture Inslee Haynes)
Thank you all
(Picture Inslee Haynes)

And I shall keep on blogging, forever on the look out for blog “fodder”, camera at the ready, you never know, I just might catch that one amazing picture that goes viral!

Snap Happy (Picture Inslee Haynes)
Snap Happy
(Picture Inslee Haynes)

Ah, one more thing, something that I really have not progressed with at all, which I really must do something about, my typing!

Every post, every word, every letter, all done with one finger; sad is not the word!

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