MandO Handmade Capsule, Mando Zafeiropoulou , Unique Hand Painted T Shirts and Much More, Made in Greece with Meraki.

The Strong Willed T shirt by Mando
The Strong-Willed T shirt.
 Mando's personal favourite, because...that's just what Mando is...Strong-Willed!

Aren’t I the lucky one?

Just look at this (Below), a wonderful cover picture for my blog, painted for me by my daughter’s friend and partner in crime, Mando.

I adore pictures of my beloved, magical Greece, especially ones of sparkling deep blue seas (my passion!) but really, I was searching for something more personal, something that depicts more about my Greek life.

Enter Mando, who, with her incredible talent, created exactly what I had in mind.

Greeker Than The Greeks
My very own, personal cover picture, lovingly created for me by the very talented Mando.
I am honoured, thank you.

There I am, yes, it really does look like me, wearing my favourite “uniform” mariniere with white trousers or jeans, flat shoes (always!) with my sweet little pug dog Maurice in tow, set against a typically Greek background, I couldn’t have wished for anything better!

Thank you Mando!

Mando handmade capsule
Mando says;
"Don't judge me...unless you have looked through my eyes."

Mando may have studied art, but, her talent is natural, inherited from her mother; Maria Papadoniou,  a brilliant artist herself.

 Maria Papadoniou
 Maria Papadoniou.
 Mando's mum, a brilliant artist, who passed on her wonderful gift to her daughter.

Mando can put her hand to anything, keep on scrolling and you shall see for yourselves.

 I particularly love this piece of wall art, adorning Mando’s atelier in Korinth.

Mando strategically chipped away plaster to create an amazing portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

marilyn Monroe
The one and only Marilyn, and, of course, the one and only MandO

Mando, being creative at her atalier
Mando, being creative at her atalier

MandO Handmade Capsule
Work in progress

Look at these fabulous, personalized toy boxes.

 Which little angel wouldn’t love to own one of these, in which to stash their coveted treasures?

Personalized toy box by MandO
Personalized toy box by MandO

Everybody loves a fashionable straw hat, but oh, how much better to be different.
 Stand out from the crowd, by wearing one, hand painted by Mando!

Mando's sun hat
Why not wear one of Mando's hats?
Stand out from the crowd!

Now, we come to my favourite, Mando’s hand painted T shirts.
Each one custom made, unique, created, as is all her work, with MERAKI (A wonderful Greek word meaning; something made with all your soul, with love, with passion)

Handmade capsule by Mando
A selection of Mando's incredible hand painted T shirts.
I want them all!

The above collection of Mando's diverse T shirts have been exhibited at the The Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Be it a T shirt for boys or girls, women, men or children, each one is tailor made, just for you, a one-off.

Mando will never make two the same.
A little piece of you, a piece of your personality, is incorporated into her art.

Mando hanpainted  t shirts
Adding the final touches

Each unique T shirt  has a title, each painting is accompanied by a significant caption, (Also printed on the tag) and has the motive displayed both on the front and on the reverse.

The Marilyn T shirt by Mando Handmade Capsule
The Marilyn T shirt.
Wear only with Chanel No 5

Mad Hatter T shirt by Mando
We all have our mad days!


Nais Athanasakou
Nais (My daughter) modeling The Exhibitor T shirt.
I rather think that The Mad Hatter T shirt may have been a better choice!

Read my T shirt
Read my T shirt

The Rejected T shirt
The Rejected T shirt
Hope you never need to wear this one!
Love it though.

The Candid T shirt Mando
Watch out; it's Candid Camera.
The Candid T shirt

No little detail has been forgotten.
 See how beautifully the T shirts are presented.
 The packaging is as unique as the T shirts themselves.
Only to be expected; Mando is herself  the very essence of diversity!

The Rain dancer T shirt Mando
Message in a bottle
The Rain dancer T shirt

Mando uses only the best quality paints for her work, paints that will not run or fade through washing, even in a washing machine, I can guarantee that, I've washed  her works of art many times, they are as fresh as the day she painted them.

Wash "n" Wear
Wash "n" Wear

Have a look, in more detail, at Mando's  original T shirts HERE, order one, or two or three!
 Own something that no one else has:
Tell her what you would like, believe me, she can do anything.

Find Mando HERE on Facebook.

Be different!

Eudaimonia - Lost in Translation - Greek Word of The Day

Painting;Maxfield Parrish Contentment
Painting; Maxfield Parrish

“Happiness depends on ourselves”

What did Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher, mean by this?

"The School of Athens" Raffaello, 1590 Aristotle, left, Plato, right
"The School of Athens" Raffaello, 1590
Aristotle, left, Plato, right

Aristotle’s philosophy on happiness was that it comes from within us, from being honest, having pride, knowing the difference between right and wrong, being virtuous.

Arete, Greek, spirit of virtue, goodness, excellence and valor
Arete, Greek, spirit of virtue, goodness, excellence and valour.

 All of the above traits, according to Aristotle, are what we need to live a good life, to have a feeling of well-being, to flourish, to feel content and protected, to be grateful for what we have.

Way back in the fourth century B.C, in his book  'The Nicomachean Ethics', Aristotle sums up this feeling of well-being, this feeling of happiness, in one word:


"EU" means good or well, and "Daimonia" means a spirit, dwelling within us, a guardian spirit or angel.

To live the good and moral life, to reach this state of eudaimonia, the ultimate goal, it is imperative to recognise the difference between good and evil, to commit only good actions, to be rational, courageous and just.

St. Michael, he decides on who gets to heaven.
 Notice he is holding a pair of scales, to weigh the good deeds against
 the bad ones.

To help us along with these requirements for happiness, (after all, we are only human),
 the daimonia, benign spirits, guardian angels, call them what you will, are there, living within us, guiding us down the right path to the well - lived life.

Guardian Spirit
Guardian Spirit

So happiness is not a large house, a big shiny car or a diamond solitaire, the size of a duck egg, happiness comes from within us, not from possessions, that yes, may give us happiness, but for how long? Until the newer model of that shiny car comes on the market?

Eudaimonia, that feeling of well-being, of pure contentment, of security, of happiness, stays with us; it makes us realize that we really don’t need a huge diamond solitaire after all!

Eudaimonia: A state of well-being, pure contentment with the simple things in life.
Eudaimonia: A state of well-being;
 Pure contentment
with the simple things in life.

To achieve eudaimonia, and to also make your guardian spirit’s job a little easier,
live by “The Golden Rule” (or Ethic of reciprocity, that states: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.)

You won’t go far wrong!

More wonderful Greek words "Lost in Translation":


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