Where have I been? Unplugged, Unconnected, Offline, Unavailable! Enjoying life.

Greeker Than The Greeks
Greeker Than The Greeks

People are beginning to ask me;

“Where is your blog, what happened?”

Well, I rediscovered life!

It all started with a dodgy Internet connection, which progressively became worse, to the point of, for my sanity, I stayed away.

We fixed that, only for my laptop to give up the ghost a few days later.

Offline, yet again.

My blog , which recently had become a burden, a sort of duty rather than a joy, was temporarily put on hold, or so I thought.

Once my laptop was up and running again, I found all inspiration had gone out the window; I no longer eagerly switched on first thing in the morning, to read emails, browse through Facebook or check to see how many people were reading my blog.

I love being up to date with family and friends on Facebook, keeping up to date with my blog,


This is Greece, the weather is glorious.

 I have to be outside, not indoors, hunched over a computer.

Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun

  I love my delicious homemade ice cream more than Facebook!

Heaven; Homemade

I love making lemon curd, with lemons, fresh from the tree.

Lemons forever!
Lemons forever!

I love planting basil with sweet Melina, my four year old granddaughter.

Basil, the king of herbs
Basil, the king of herbs

I love actually talking to MGG (My Greek God) who just loves that all his shirts are freshly washed and ironed (All fifty pale blue ones!), and that our house is clean.

MGG just loves pale blue shirts
MGG just loves pale blue shirts

I love visiting my daughter more frequently in Athens.

Spending time with my gorgeous daughter, Nais.
Spending time with my gorgeous daughter, Nais.

I love reading, I love watching interesting films, I love going to bed at a decent time and getting a full eight hours sleep.


I love the ITV series Marcella more than surfing the Net!

Marcella ITV
"Marcella Backland left the Metropolitan Police for the sake of her family, only to have her husband leave her. She returns to her job on the murder squad, investigating a case that seems disturbingly familiar to her."

I love going for  walks without thinking about taking photographs.

I love sitting in my garden, doing nothing, just sitting, as my Father used to say:

“Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes, I just sit”

My quiet place
My quiet place

I love just being me, unconnected, offline, unavailable!

Feeling Good
Feeling Good

I love this feeling of unplugged  freedom....for the time being anyway!


I'm looking forward to a glorious 6 weeks sailing around the Cyclades. Life should be σιγά σιγά in Greece. Good for you, Susan.
Oh yes Richard, life should certainly be taken slowly, σιγά σιγά as you put it!
Enjoy your sailing, 6 weeks! How lucky you are, I'm rather jealous!
Adi Kurnaedi said…
articles you post a very nice and interesting
Enjoy Greek summer dear Susan and your beloved ones.
Happy August ahead!
Thank you Olympia, enjoy tour summer too!